Privacy Policy

Collecting Data

  • GammaGuard collects data from the phone’s camera sensor for the purpose of determining radiation levels.
  • GammaGuard collects data from connected Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
  • When enabled in settings, GammaGuard collects location data.

Storing Data

  • Collected data may be logged to a text file on the phone, at the user’s behest. This file is purely for the user’s own record keeping.
  • Collected data may also be transmitted to RadResponder, if the user has logged in with a valid RadResponder account and enabled data logging in settings. This data is securely transmitted using RadResponder’s API, with OAuth 2.0 authentication. This data is stored and managed by RadResponder, and is in no way collected or viewed by Environmental Instruments Canada.
  • Environmental Instruments Canada does not collect or store any user data.