CT007-M microR Meter

Smaller microR Meter with Twice the Sensitivity on Low Level Gamma Radiation

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USD $800.00 (Free shipping to US and Canada)

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CT007-M Deluxe Kit
(CT007-M + Telescoping Handle + Android display device with GammaGuard + Protective Case)

USD $1200.00 (Free shipping to US and Canada)

The CT007-M is intended for finding concealed sources of radiation. It features almost twice the sensitivity of standard microR meters at about 15% the size. The CT007-M could be used by Border Services personnel to locate radioactive sources in vehicles, after portal monitors have alarmed. Or, they could be used to replace portal monitors. Similarly, the CT007-M could be used by Law enforcement for detecting and finding concealed radioactive materials.

Preview of CT007-M microR Meter