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Introducing the CT007

Connect To Your Smartphone

Convenient / Compact / Cost Effective

Designed for First Responders, the CT007 is a new innovation in detecting and monitoring radiation.

Small enough to fit in a belt pouch or a pocket, the CT007 requires no interaction with its user. It works directly with your SmartPhone via Bluetooth - allowing you to monitor the gamma radiation levels wherever you are, without bulky, heavy or complicated equipment.

Two Operating Modes

In Power Save mode, the CT007 connects to the phone, via Bluetooth, when it encounters elevated radiation levels. If radiation levels are normal, the CT007 will check in with the phone at regular intervals to communicate its battery and dose rate status and will then drop the Bluetooth connection, to save power.

In Survey Meter mode, the CT007 is continually connected to the phone and the phone displays the current radiation levels. Survey meter mode is used to locate the source of radiation, once elevated radiation levels are detected.

The video to the right demonstrates these two modes. If you can't see the video, please try again from your home computer. (Some institutions are blocking content hosted on Google.)

The CT007 is compatible with most phones running a standard Android operating system (anything called "Nexus") 2.3 or above. Unfortunately, some manufacturers use proprietary UI overlays. These can cause compatibility issues. The CT007 was compatible with all Motorola Android phones tested. It was compatible with all Samsung "Nexus" phones, as well as all Samsung phones running Android 4.1 and higher. LG phones seem to work, as long as the proprietary LG "On-Screen Phone" app is disabled. This is not an issue with the Nexus 4, since it does not have the proprietary app, and the CT007 works perfectly with the Nexus 4. The CT007 should not be used with HTC phones.

Screenshot Alarming Dosimeter Mode

It's Easy!

Unlike other devices, the CT007 requires no new interface and thus has almost no learning curve. Simply turn it on, connect to it with your phone's bluetooth using our App and choose your operating mode.

The App allows you to customize your personal warning level to suit your needs and environment, switch operating modes, alerts you with the vibration function of your phone and a distinctive warning message and displays your current exposure data.

The display is easily switched between traditional units (mrem and mrem/h) and SI units (uSv and uSv/h).

Additionally, a stand-alone version of the CT007 is available. Consisting of the same functionality as the original when in proximity to the smartphone app, this new unit will also work on it's own - with a built in screen, buzzer and button for operation.

For more information please see the Technical Specification Sheet

Institutional Deployment and Expert Guidance

Since the CT007 uses a smartphone as its user interface, it has access to the phone's communication capabilities. These can be used to upload the radiation data to a central database. This, in turn, facilitates expert monitoring and coordinated response. This functionality requires a different app.


What's New?

May 14, 2013: 100 Units Sold
Uranium mining company purchases 100 CT007 units to be used as direct reading dosimeters.

April 4, 2013: New Stand-Alone Version
The CT007 is now available in two versions. Both work with the smartphone app! Please see: here for more information.

March 12, 2013: Feedback Received from Pilot Project with Major US Metropolitan Police Department
"This is an outstanding device that works as a personal detector, search tool and can be used to scan large groups of people as they enter/exit a venue." - CP, Bomb Technician

July 26, 2012: Beta Units Shipped
The first batch of beta units have been shipped.

June 29, 2012: Beta Release Date Announced

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